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Reflections: Growing with your tribe

Sept 12 2020 • 2 min read • Growth

Every year when it comes to women’s month, it seems that we celebrate the same women year in and year out, these are women who are breaking barriers and they should be celebrated. It comes as no surprise however, that we see the same faces because we know that we have a representation gap (in 2019, women chief executives accounted for only 3% of JSE-listed companies).

Now that women’s month is over, let’s start women’s year, in fact women’s era. We can agree a month is just not enough to dedicate to women given what we have to solve.

So, the year is 2021, and COVID woes are behind us, and we are celebrating you for your achievements. What is the high impact goal that you will have achieved by that time? And so, what are the things you need to do between now and the next woman’s month?

I have found over the years that I’ve been able to reach my high impact goals because I have had a solid tribe of women around me, these women are my accountability and support network. The power of having a tribe is that it brings diverse perspectives to ones’ journey and helps to hack for solutions to drive the attainment of your goal, they are honest and truly invested in your growth. Contrary to popular belief your tribe does not have to be your immediate network, but it is those who connect to your vision and want to see you succeed.

My tribe has kept me honest, motivated, picked me up and helped me make the necessary connections as I embarked on what I believe to be a truly exciting journey to operate at the intersection of my purpose and impact by building a platform for women who want to break barriers, drive growth and close the economic gender gap

Who’s your tribe?

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