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Growing where you are planted — pathway to purpose

Sept 18 2020 • 2 min read • Purpose

You don’t find purpose, you ARE purpose. I believe that if we assume a mindset of growing where we are planted, there are infinite opportunities to find and live our purpose daily. Oprah, in The Path Made Clear, highlights that “The simple act of asking, what is my purpose? on the internet has the power to elicit nearly 1 billion responses”. This speaks to the deep desire people have to engage in purposeful work.

My joy came from using my exposure, access and position to positively influence the careers of those that I had the privilege of working with, and these were specifically women. I guess, women gravitated towards me as I was one of a few women in leadership. Whilst I completely ploughed myself into my work and loved it, especially my last role as the Managing Director of Innovation Services, I never lost sight of what brought me real joy, supporting and contributing to women breaking barriers and thriving.

So, when I decided to leave my corporate career in pursuit of what I often refer to as operating at the intersection of my purpose and impact. The transition came with ease, because the work I have decided to dedicate myself to, is a continuation of what I love, and allows me to move into a space of scaling the impact of enabling women to grow, live and prosper.

Earlier on in my career, I grappled with the question of what I am here to do. I have come to realise, that I did not stumble upon my purpose in a single instance, but rather, I utilised every day to grow where I was planted. This simple act enabled me to continue to take small steps in the pursuit of what brought me joy, and I was able to see more clearly what I was called to do.

We often believe big moments will reveal our purpose. The reality for me was that every moment in my life created that opportunity. As the opportunity presents itself for you daily, and it always does, grow where you are planted.

Author: Kele Boakgomo, Yugrow Co-founder & CEO

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