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Could tech obsession be used to close the gender equality gap?

Oct 28 2010 • 3 min read • International Women's Day

Leveraging the digital obsession to bridge the gender gap

The world was in the throes of a technological revolution when the global pandemic hit, and what we have witnessed in 2020, is an acceleration of the positive use cases on how society could be transformed using technology. Our collective obsession with all things digital however, has drawn attention from many circles, where people are being encouraged to “unplug and run” given the “always on” phenomena and the addictive nature of social media. Nowadays a digital detox is a concept that has become one of the prescriptions to maintaining well-being.

According to research, the average U.S. adult spends around 11 hours each day listening to, watching, reading, or interacting with media. In South Africa, it is estimated at 9 hours and 22 minutes. The question is, how much of this digital compulsion takes away from productive time at work or precious family time?

We cannot deny however, that technology has been a catalyst for social transformation, from Tahrir Square during the Arab Spring to the #EndSARS movement that we are witnessing now in Nigeria, technology can be used to amplify the need for social change and unite people around a common goal.

We believe there is an opportunity to drastically reduce the 257 years that it is estimated to close the economic gender gap, by leveraging technology and turning the obsession of technology to innovatively bridge the gap.

Making sure women aren’t left behind

We know that technology is the ultimate equalizer, and that unfortunately, with human and technological advancements, there remains the reported risk, that women could be left behind. Now, whilst women have access to technology, what the pandemic, and WFH realities have revealed, is that we could lose grounds we have gained towards achieving equality.

The latest in a new study from Deloitte disclosed that, 70% of the women surveyed say that the pandemic has negatively impacted their lives and that they are particularly concerned about their ability to continue to progress at work. Women are involved in significantly more unpaid work at home, leaving them with less time to focus on the things that will help their career development and economic progression.

Could we leverage the compulsion for technology to bridge the gap and ensure that women are not left behind?

Seizing opportunities in the micro-moments

As with everything that is changing, learning will never the same. There is a need for the acceleration from traditional classroom based delivery of learning & development to dynamic, micro-learning opportunities delivered where people are at, which is on their mobile devices. This is where we see the opportunity, utilising micro-moments for women to develop, stay engaged and connect with other growth invested women so that we do not loose traction of achieving economic gender equality.

How do we do this?

PERSONALISE GROWTH JOURNEYS — Build individualised growth journeys for women, based on their specific needs, focused on cultivating mindsets geared towards growth & resilience.

CREATE SUSTAINED SUPPORT — Connect women to global coaches and support networks in and out of their organisation to provide guidance and perspectives on how to best navigate their careers and the workplace.

DELIVER TIMELY RICH GROWTH INSIGHTS — Provide micro learning opportunities on how to build and optimise growth behaviours and build habits for an enriched career experience.

INSPIRE GOAL ATTAINMENT- Define and track progress and achievement of high impact goals whilst identifying opportunities to drive growth in their respective organisations.

At Yugrow, we leverage technology to support women to break barriers, drive growth and close the economic gender gap

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