Founder Story

Kele Boakgomo

Co-Founder & CEO

As a young girl, I had the privilege of going to a girls’ school that encouraged us to dream and raised us to know that we could create the world of our imagination. My personal experience of having a physically disabled sister, further confirmed to me that indeed, I could achieve anything that I set out to, given that I did not have the physical limitations that she did, her life really sparked and inspired my curiosity for human potential.

I entered working world with an expectation and a deep understanding of who I was and what my capabilities were. However, the corporate world was not prepared to enable a young woman such as myself, I was operating at the intersectionality of biases as a woman, and particularly as a black woman. As I earned my position as Managing Director and a Board Member for a global organisation. I found that navigating the work environment continued to be a challenge. I often joked that the seat I had earned was constantly being moved every time I returned to the same room and if I found it, someone was sitting on it. Despite the efforts that my organization was putting in place to drive inclusivity, it remained extremely difficult to thrive as my full self.

One transformative experience I had was with an executive coach and a former CEO, who shared with me the challenges she experienced and overcame as an Executive, revealing to me that women at all levels battle with internal, social and institutional biases, and that the barriers I was facing were not unique to me.

Reflecting on my career, and my last role as a Director of Innovation Services, I had opportunity to fully explore my creativity and love for technology and its ability to disrupt and challenge the status quo. I sought to build a business that I wish existed for me as a young analyst, navigating my career which often felt like an unsupported growth process. Like many women I’ve talked to, my career journey felt lonely and I felt that I had to figure everything out by myself, even though my firm provided tremendous career support. 

The Yugrow platform is at the intersection of my purpose and impact, as a coming together of my lived experiences, a deep-rooted desire to see a world where women thrive and reach their full potential. We believe that technology as the ultimate equalizer enables us to achieve our massive transformation purpose, which is to bend history backwards and close the economic gender gap.