Our Purpose

To write a new history where women have closed the economic gender gap. Women are central to closing the economic gender gap and together with technology, this can be accelerated.

Using technology as our means of delivery, we focus on the individual woman and drive measurable results by building growth-enhancing habits and intentionally connecting her to high-impact networks.

We seek to keep the process of growing exciting and take away the loneliness that women often feel in the pursuit of their goals. Yugrow is grounded in the belief in all human potential, and the duty to create access to inspire collective growth, disrupting the status quo.

Drive your growth with renewed energy

Our Values

Abundant Outlook

Yugrow approaches the world with an abundant outlook and this perspective is carried through every touchpoint in the business, delivering growth for members, partners and communities.

Shared Success

Yugrow ’s fundamental operating principle is that success can and should be democratized and that we can pool collective knowledge and resources for the growth of our members.

Significant Connections

Yugrow values the significance of people, and the power of connection and leverages technology to drive meaningful interaction for our members at the different stages of their growth journey.

“More than any time in the past, we have the knowledge and energy and moral insights to crack the patterns of history. We need the help of every advocate now.”
Melinda Gates